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Painting & Decorating 

 7- Bedroom House 

-New coving

-New wood work

-Spraying new

wooden door

Painting & Decorating 

 1- Bedroom House 

-New all coving

-New all wood work

-Painting cabinets

-Painting and polishing

natural stone

Painting & Decorating 

 3- Side House

and Garage

-Remove all old Varnish 

from front door and

around windows

-Painting and Cleaning

all exterior house

Painting & Decorating 

 Exterior big house 3 flats

-Painting Windows

Repairing masonry

and painting

Roofing all Project


- Felt Roofing and painting Liquid Waterproofing Membrane, high quality product (SIKA)

- Fibreglass Roofing

- Tiling and Slating roofing

- New complete roof

Garden Service

 - Cut grass, trees, shrubs

 - Cleaning and build Patio  

 - Fitted fences, sheds 


- Electric

- Carpenter

- Fixer

- Builder